We have sold our boxes on Etsy for over a year with more than 700 orders. After a lot of research, planning and hard work we have officially rebranded and launched our own store — Crypto Crate Store . Where we will curate and ship only the most high quality gifts for all crypto geeks!

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the mainstream market's "thing." They're out of the nerds' hands and in the hearts and minds of real people, who want to buy and sell them. But wait? How do I exchange my coins for goods? Quickly. That's why we've rebranded Crypto-Culture as Crypto Crate Store— a place for every cryptocurrency enthusiast to get their fix, whether you're new to crypto or a hardcore trader. We're currently offering gift boxes with curated products on top of high quality apparel from popular crypto projects. And there's plenty more to come!

We've listened to your feedback and are launching a brand new store with a unique product offering. Crypto Crate is the first and only fully curated subscription offering for collectors of Crypto merchandise.

We believe that crypto can be better than it is today. As to be expected, many new investors are entering the crypto markets and are confused by their lack of knowledge; many find themselves floundering, do not understand how to begin and often feel lost in this community. Crypto Crate has been designed to bring a smile to every crypto geek's face.

If you're a crypto enthusiast, you probably know the challenges we ran into when trying to market our goods. Crypto is still a relatively new market, and the term doesn't carry much weight in the real world yet. This ultimately led us to create better and more interesting goods- which also led us on a journey of becoming truly passionate about everything related to blockchain technology.