Finding the perfect gift for your favorite crypto enthusiast is easy with We offer two types of gifts: ready-made and custom. Whether you want to give your loved one a box of goodies or create a custom gift, we've got you covered.

Your favorite crypto enthusiast or beginner wants to get into buying and using some of the many, and often confusing, cryptocurrencies out there. I know they want to own them all, but if they could only trade in one, which would it be? You may even know that your loved ones are patiently waiting for the right moment when they finally use their credit card to buy into the top coins like Bitcoin and Ether. A Crypto Crate gift box can be a great way to introduce those who may not really understand how cryptocurrencies work to owning their first coins. They can see how cryptocurrency is easy to use, requires no mining equipment or complicated exchange interfaces, and they also have a physical product that points them towards more information about investing in crypto.

Whether you're a crypto currency enthusiast, or simply trying to find a unique holiday gift for your loved one, it can be difficult trying to find a gift that's different and has some personality. When I started on my journey, I found it frustrating getting everything I needed for my first CryptoCurrency mining rig. Most of the available options were overly expensive or simply not within my budget. So, I decided to create my own solution — Crypto Crate.