Nestled in a happy little corner right next to the Rocky Mountains, Crypto Crate, a Utah-based unique hand-crafted gift box subscription and custom gift wrapping service launched in 2021 that had humble beginnings in Rose's 575 square foot apartment in downtown SLC.

Most of the products have been sold on Etsy's marketplace, a massive and extremely centralized market for independent sellers. We started by selling items on Etsy's marketplace. But a centralized marketplace has many limitations when it comes to a seller's freedom. We are now moving from selling our crypto-themed products on Etsy, to building our own store with Shopify, launching a unique and high quality flavor of cryptocurrency themed gift boxes. While centralized and incredibly limiting to its' sellers, Etsy's marketplace allowed us to test markets to see what people like best before committing to manufacture things we weren't certain about.

While these boxes are first and foremost intended to solve the gifting problems in the crypto space, they also help the community represent something much bigger. Our products help to bring attention to our solidarity towards empowering our relationship with currency and centralized platforms.

When we started CryptoCrate, the crypto space was very different. While we remained hopeful, we knew the crypto environment would get tough. At the time the crypto craze was quiet, and events were relatively quiet too. The boom of "crypto-mania" has now become exciting and ever-trending as the industry continues to grow up out of its adolescence. The future of this industry is attracting more and more people every day. Not only does growing up require letting go, but also accepting that things must change. We'll continue to add some cool & useful products to CryptoCrate, but our focus will shift from Etsy's marketplace to building out an exciting new website that provides gift-giving solutions for this emerging industry.