About Crypto Crate

Join the magical internet money revolution. 

Launched in 2021, Crypto Crate began in a 575 square foot apartment in downtown SLC, filled with an ever growing product wall of hand-crafted crypto gift boxes. While these crypto gift boxes are intended to solve gifting problems in the crypto space, they also help the community represent something much bigger as we collectively take a stand towards empowering our relationship with currency.  Our goal is to warm the hearts and spirits of the inevitable growing movement of crypto enthusiasts one quality product at a time. 

Crypto Crate helps increase the awareness, interest and actual usage of coins by giving them a memorable physical identity. 

As more and more people become interested in cryptocurrency, we need to start finding ways to spend it! The Crypto Crate holiday gift box solves these problems by allowing givers to show love for the cause, while giving receivers an opportunity to treat themselves to something special.

With a little magic, we provide premium crypto-crafted and curated gifting solutions made simple, so you can impress your giftee(s) with unique care crates custom built for each recipient. Our Crypto Crate offering help consumers and blockchain based businesses create gifting options for their clients and employees.


After years of event planning in the crypto-sphere, my life focus shifted and I knew I needed a change. While in the crypto event space, I found myself spending hours just looking for resources like bitcoin themed merchandise and gifts with very little to be located at the time. That time could have been spent on the logistics of the bitcoin party or conference booth itself. 

In 2018, things shifted quietly, hash difficulty changed dramatically, many miners went off line, - the crypto conferences kept going, but the bear market had arrived. Crypto events dwindled quickly thereafter.

Now, with all the crypto craze, you can find plenty of crypto gear online, but rarely in a high end gifting process that is simple, elegant, and completed for you. I found myself curating tons of makeshift event experiences and gifts and I thought why not try to turn my creativity and resourcefulness into a business? And the rest is history!

When I'm not working, you can find me spending time with my peeps, cooking, gardening, long boarding, somewhere in nature, or chilling at home. (Although the thoughts of the running to-do list for the business never stop!)


Currency Diversity

We believe that the options with which we trade and circulate currency could be diverse. We also believe that the economic freedom brought by cryptocurrency isn't the only solution, but it is the best solution where the market has failed thus far because of its free market principles. Our love for decentralization and cryptocurrency is profound, but we also understand that this isn't a magic cure-all: as we are human, there are always strengths and flaws, we support evolving systems and decentralized technology.

Empowering Women and Minorities

Being a women owned, self-funded company, we strive to support other women entrepreneurs across North America. 65% of the brands we carry are made by women and ran by women. The number of women in the crypto space has been growing.

Small Batch Products

High-quality is what makes a product desirable. Big brands often miss this mark, which is why working with small batch businesses is the best. The attention and care is unlike any other.