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Early Adopter Gift Box

Essentials for a crypto newbie, this crate includes some simple, yet impactful gift items for any bitcoin geek who has just fallen down the magical internet money rabbit hole.

This curated crypto crate box includes:

°  Bitcoin Dark Chocolate Coins - decadent and impressive for anyone who loves chocolate

°  Bitcoin Collector Coin with acrylic spinning case, fascinating!

Unisex Bitcoin Office Socks - black and orange patterned essential office socks. Who doesn't love a pair of Bitcoin socks?

°  Bitcoin Soap- it's bath time! Why not lather yourself in some magical internet money? Unscented, natural ingredients made from Goat Milk, Paraben free, Phthalate free, Sulfate free, Phosphate free, Palm Oil Free


Welcome to the world of Bitcoin! The Bitcoin Newbie Starter Pack is the perfect way for any crypto-minded individual to get their journey on the right foot. Crypto geeks, take a dip into something special and make your entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem even more impressive!

Let's start with our own custom-made decadent Bitcoin Dark Chocolate Coins. These luscious treats are sure to tantalize every taste bud while they help you live life large in this brave new digital frontier. All that's left to do afterward is putting them on display with our unforgettable Bitcoin Collector Coin, complete with an acrylic spinning case included - which radiates a cool, rad vibe that only crypto veterans can appreciate!

To really seal the deal on your look, we have included some must-have accessories. Being a cryptocurrency whiz means paying attention to detail down to what's on your feet. That's why we have these sleek yet surprisingly cozy Unisex Bitcoin Office Socks in black and orange print. Every move you make will be sure to turn heads.

Finally, hit up some self-care by cleaning yourself up with our special Bitcoin Soap! This handmade bar soap is made from natural goat milk so it not only smells fantastic, it's also paraben free, phthalate free, sulfate free, phosphate free and palm oil free - perfect for those who want their hygiene rituals as wild as their wallets! Packed with all the essentials for any crypto newbie or seasoned enthusiast alike, show off your savvy Bitcoin style with this ultimate starter pack!